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Our Teams

Aerodynamics Team

Team Leader: Kostas Lyssas


The aim of this team is to design and manufacture a low drag shell to cover the whole car in order to increase the vehicle’s efficiency, by reducing the effects of air resistance upon the car. Challenges come while trying to balance all the required considerations of the shell such as: creating a sleek  shape for drag reduction, ensuring the structural stability and strength of the shell, and minimising the mass of the shell, just to name a few.


Skills to gain: Ansis Fluent (simulation software), Solidworks (design software), fiberglass/carbonfiber moulding in the workshop.


This team would best suit: Mechanical and Civil Engineering students. 


Chassis and Structural design team

Team Leader: Andrew Higgins


The CSD team has the responsibility to design and optimising the chassis before ‘getting stuck in’ and manufacturing the chassis in the universities mechanical workshop. The software, Solidworks, is used for the initial designs and simulations of the chassis. Once designs are finalised, we will begin to source materials and practice our manufacturing skills before building the chassis.


Skills to gain: Solidworks (design software), Interacting with engineering merchants, Practical workshop techniques (bending, cutting, welding, turning), Interacting with University workshop staff (creating good relationships that will help you during your academic engineering project).


This team would best suit:  Mechanical and Civil Engineering students.

Data Analysis and Telemetry team

Team Leader: Christine Koppel


The Data Analysis and Telemetry team is focused on designing and installing the brains of the car. From analysing and interpreting the data collected from testing sessions, to communicating with the driver on track. These actions require the correct application of electrical circuitry using Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino’s and radio transmitters/receivers. This team will also interact and collaborate with all other teams to best provided them with relevant and actionable data for improving the car in the build up to race day.


Skills to gain: Programming (examples of relevant softwares), Building and testing electrical systems, Collaborating with the different teams to aid with improving vehicle’s performance.


This team would best suit: Software Engineering and Computer Science students.


Fuel Cell and Safety team

Team Leader: Charlotte Oglive


This team is concerned with ensuring the proper function of the hydrogen fuel cell stack which powers the car, by modelling and building the fuel systems, implementing a recycling stream and optimising the fuel cell’s purge. The team will also work to ensure the safety of the driver and team in relation to the highly flammable and explosive hydrogen


Skills to gain: Practice with software (Matlab, Ansys Fluent, Aspen Plus, Arduino), Working with Proton exchange membranes, Interacting with engineering merchants, Practical laboratory skills.


This team would best suit: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering students. 

PR and Marketing team

Team Leader: Kate Kostick


This team helps maintain and craft ProtoTAU’s image, by managing the societies online presents on social media and through our website. The production of regular ProtoTAU newsletters also keeps those interested informed about the progress and successes of our society. Similarity this team also interacts and works with our sponsors to strengthen these relationships via collaborative projects.


Skills to gain: Managing social media pages, Website design and maintenance, Writing articles for publication, Interacting with important team sponsors.


This team would best suit: Business, English, and Law Students.


Motor Control and Design team

Team Leader: Christine Koppel


The Motor Control and Design team aims to best utilise the electrical power produced by the hydrogen fuel cell, by designing and optimising our own motor controller and electrical systems.


Skills to gain: Practice with software (Simulink/Simscape, Arduino, and circuit analysis programs), Designing and Implementing electrical systems, Practical laboratory skills.


This team would best suit: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students.

Vehicle Dynamics team

Team Leader: Nikolay Peev
The vehicle dynamics team aims to design and manufacture the transmission system, to appropriately convert the output power from the motor to the wheels via a custom gear system (this will involve close collaboration with the motor control team) and this team is responsible for the driving systems (steering, breaking, etc), along with ensuring that the car handles well during the race by adjusting and perfecting the set up of the car throughout the relevant testing sessions.
Skills to gain: Practice with software (Solidworks) Designing and implementing electro-mechanical systems, Practical workshop experience.

This team would best suit: Mechanical Engineering students

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