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Alumni of ProtoTAU

Stuart Watt

Former lead of Mechanical team


During my time with ProtoTAU I assisted in building the first ProtoTAU car (2019). I then completed my thesis project designing a topology optimised chassis planned to be built in 2020, however due to the pandemic the build could not be completed. The skills I developed during my time with ProtoTAU assisted me with getting my job as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh. One of my favourite parts of being in ProtoTAU is the friends I have made through it. I'm not sure I could have achieved the results in my degree, especially during the pandemic, without the people I met in ProtoTAU.


Adam Din

Former President/ lead project Engineer


I initially joined ProtoTAU through doing my 4th year dissertation on the design, integration and optimisation of a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle, which was a collaborative project with the team. I was part of the chemical engineering team in my first year, when we created the first fuel cell system and raced the prototype at SEM 2019. Following the success of SEM 2019, I was elected as President of the society and my role within team was essentially the lead Project Engineer. Throughout my time In the team I developed my problem solving skills across engineering disciplines through working on the prototype vehicle. I also learned how to communicate effectively across engineering disciplines and with external stakeholders such as sponsors and university lecturers. And I learned how to work on engineering project from start to finish, which really helped when applying for jobs as they were aware I understood the project lifecycle. I'm now working in Research and Innovation for Drax Group at Drax Power Station, where I have to use all the skills I've gained through my time at ProtoTAU on researching and developing low-carbon energy projects.


Sam Kelsey

Former Chemical team member/ Vice-President


I joined the ProtoTAU Chemical team during my 4th year at university, before moving to the Vice President role for my final year of studies. ProtoTAU acted as a great opportunity to meet, and work alongside, talented students, outwith my discipline, on new and unfamiliar tech. Additionally, it provided countless opportunities to travel and represent the society at conferences and network with industry professionals. Overall, ProtoTAU proved to be a fantastic society that offered the chance to learn, network, and socialise, and I would highly recommend it to all students, especially those considering a future career in engineering or renewable energy.


Vincent Joshua

Former PR & Marketing lead


I first joined ProtoTAU in 2019 and decided to stay because I enjoyed it, becoming part of the committee member and a team leader in 2020. I was the PR and Marketing lead and I enjoyed my role, working with my team to make promotional material for the society. I graduated in 2021 and I am currently working for DXC Technology in their technical graduate scheme. My role In ProtoTAU helped me gain organisational and especially communication skills, working with my team members to carry out required tasks. Being part of ProtoTAU also helped give me a lot of exposure to the industry, giving me a lot of knowledge of the opportunities that can be made in renewables. The skills that I gained from ProtoTAU have helped me in my career, building good interpersonal skills and knowing how to manage project work especially. I highly recommend joining ProtoTAU as it has been a great experience during my time in Aberdeen Uni and it’s a great way to make friends and connections along the way.


Alessandro Rigola

Founding member


Together with my close friends Olya and Betta I created PrototAU from scratch back in 2018. Today I am working for one of the biggest DSOs around the world but it would be a huge lie not to say that the team was a great gym to exercise for the real working life. As I have been president of the society for its first year, seeing that it is still up and running today despite the huge difficulties of our times makes me incredibly proud but most importantly it says something about the amazing enthusiasm of its members.


Jason Main

Former Chemical team lead


I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Aberdeen. My individual project was aimed at studying new membranes for increased proton conductivity in PEM fuel cells. During this time discussions started and interest grew in signing up for the Shell Eco Marathon. Soon-after an application was submitted for the Fuel Cell category, I was quickly appointed the Chemical Team Lead and PrototAU was established. We managed to secure major funding and sponsorship to develop a sound fuel cell system. Hard work, late nights and with the collaboration of Mechanical and Electrical teams a car was built. Competed in the 2019 Shell Eco Marathon and were awarded ‘Most Innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Newcomer’, an amazing outcome! This sparked my career aspirations and I applied to Fuel Cell companies. I was a successful candidate for the Ceres Power Graduate Scheme. Ceres Power is a UK based company who are world leading in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). My 2 year graduate scheme consisted of placements in Quality, Procurement, Engineering, Production and Test. I have since finished the scheme and accepted a role as an Ink Production Engineer. I work with chemicals on a daily basis to improve cell performance of our SOFCs. We are upscaling production to fit the ever growing demand for efficient green energy. Being a part of PrototAU has been fundamental in kickstarting my career in Renewable Energy. Buckle up and brace for the acceleration of Fuel Cells as we transition globally to cleaner technology.

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