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A hydrogen-powered race for a clean future

Racing towards a low carbon future

Who, What & Why?

ProtoTAU is the first Scottish team to compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon with a hydrogen-powered vehicle. ProtoTAU brings students to the forefront of clean energy innovations in the low carbon transport sector. The team’s goal is to contribute to the global energy transition by motivating the future's bright minds to develop innovative solutions.
Design and manufacturing a hydrogen-powered prototype vehicle for the Shell Eco-Marathon 2021. Aiming to improve from last year by reducing the weight of key structural elements, reducing electrical component weight and adding vehicle telemetry.

If this is something that interests you, have a look at our Teams page for how you can get involved. Also check out our Alumni page to see how being a part of this society has benefited previous members.  

Our Principles

What Guides Us?


Energy efficiency and sustainable fuel alternatives for the transport sector.


Applying safety principles such as "Layers Of Protection Analysis" and reducing risks as low as reasonably practicable.


Collaboration between different disciplines and industries to achieve our goals.

Our Journey

So far so good




The Start

A multidisciplinary group of engineers are introduced to the Shell Eco-marathon.

Becoming Official

ProtoTAU becomes an official society gathering a surge of talent.

We did it! - 2019

During the Shell Eco-marathon, ProtoTAU’s vehicle passess all of the technical inspections and displays engineering brilliance on the track! We were awarded with the ‘Most Innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Newcomer'.





Bumpy Road

Covid-19 prevents our teams from doing hands-on work. However this did not stop them from working hard online.

Second Wind

ProtoTAU places 1st in Scotland and 3rd in UK for Shell Virtual Eco-Marathon.

Race Ambitions

As restrictions became more relaxed, ProtoTAU grew in size and began the process of upgrading the vehicle.

Ready and Determined

Preparing for the race in 2024 to showcase the engineering splendour of ProtoTAU and the power of hydrogen!

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